Things to keep in mind before you purchase a safe

It can be a challenging job to find the ideal safe. For over 30 decades, our objective at Authentic Safes has been to address our clients ‘ requests in a frank and straightforward manner that passes through all the hyperbole of classification schemes and technical requirements.
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Do your exploration before you purchase a safe 

If you’re doing such studies, you’ll discover that most of the jewelry safes marketed today are nothing more than a small metal box. Check for “Jewelry Safes” on Google and you’ll discover literally hundreds of safe businesses that regard themselves “regulators”

Why is Authentic Safe Superior for Other Businesses?

So you might wonder why is Authentic Safe inferior to other firms ‘ registers and views?  We have been supplying the clients with some of the finest safety products in the sector for over 3 centuries. Authentic Safes provide assistance to most U.S. safe makers and have comprehensive real-world expertise when it goes to safes.  Many clients arrive who are embarrassed by all the inconsistent data they have been informed about safes and vaults.  Some secure companies will tell “that some security is greater than doing nothing at all” and will attempt to offer you an inexpensive safe that can be readily pulled open or does not properly safeguard your valuable items in a flames.

Top four Aspects Before purchasing a Safe

  1. What size of safe should I purchase?

The solution is easy, one that’s larger you believe you need! The most common issue we’ve got to hear from thousands of clients we’ve had over the centuries is that they didn’t purchase a safe that was large enough and hope they moved up a level or two. Pause and appreciate the importance of the items in subsequent years that you will put in the safe. Bigger is better when purchasing a safe!

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  1. What’s the safe protection score for the personal belongings I need to safeguard?

These are the sector rules for information valuation and the different concentrations of safety that safes continue to offer. These principles are often used for insurance underwriting reasons and are a useful guideline for various rates of security.

  1. Should I purchase a concealed safe or a wall safe?

Wall safes and hidden or concealed safes are usually not a great location to store high-value products.  A wall safe is connected to the studs in the wall by the layout and could be ripped or wrenched out of the wall by robbers.  Most often the only fire safety they provide will be restricted to the sheetrock in the wall.

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  1. What fire score should I search for in a safe?

Your flame score for safes should be a key priority. We suggest buying a safe certified flame for at least 1 hour. Safes with a frame rate of less than an hour will not give sufficient security to withstand a typical housing or company burn. Why spend a lot of money on a safe that during a fire will not safeguard your weapons, gemstones, money or other personal belongings?

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