Starting a business can seem like a long and complicated journey. Often, it is difficult to know where to start. The CLD accompanies you!

If you are starting a business and this is your first entrepreneurial experience, you must, first and foremost, attend the weekly information session, which takes place on Friday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm .

Contact us to register: 450 646-3933 extension 230.

Personalized support

Do you have a business project that you want to achieve? The CLD of the agglomeration of Longueuil offers you simple, effective and at your own pace, which  simplifies  the start of your business.

In 7 simple steps

Like you, our team is passionate about entrepreneurship. She is convinced that a contractor is realized when in action. The CLD of the Longueuil agglomeration has therefore implemented business coaching by opportunity (A²O MD), a journey taking place in 7 simple steps. Each step of this coaching-type coaching offers reflections that will lead you to make informed decisions and to establish an action plan.

To let you know your market

From the first meeting, one of our advisers proposes to you to make an overview of your domain:

  • it invites you to meet your potential customers, suppliers and competitors;
  • it helps you to prepare your meetings and to interpret the information collected.
  • Identify your risks and uncertainties.

Your advisor will lead you through a process of reflection to get you to identify and validate the risks and uncertainties related to your project.


To better equip you, the CLD of the agglomeration of Longueuil gives you access to group workshops. They will allow you to acquire additional tools to succeed your project.

… and already a 1st network!

These workshops are also an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs who can be part of your future business network.

List of funded startups


  • Gamine & Co.
  • Annick Lévesque
  • Convertronix
  • Usispec
  • Lapalme Mechanical Design Group
  • Vixie Design
  • Véronique Cloutier
  • Luc Houngbedji
  • Benjamin Lauzon
  • Nathalie Sidaros
  • Fabienne Ouellet
  • Francine Leblanc
  • Roger Chevrier
  • Judith Modjoc
  • Mohamed Khellil
  • Edouard Radovic
  • Jean-Simon Adam
  • Giovanni Chinnici
  • Anik Leblanc
  • Diane Roy
  • Pluvia import
  • NYX Security
  • Barrette dips
  • Marie-Michèle Georgina
  • Zooloom Portal inc.
  • Murielle Blouin
  • Marco Forget
  • Mélanie Langlois
  • Véronique Meurgues
  • Alfonso Villaburu Calva
  • Youdline Marcellus
  • Gérald Leblanc
  • Philip Thomas
  • Anaka Felicien Amon
  • François Lanctôt
  • Lant Rakotomalala
  • Nicholas Bellefleur
  • Cosmin Emil Olteanu
  • Bruno Ménard
  • Sophie Riendeau
  • Dose Culture
  • TechniKad
  • ChronoMetriq
  • International House of the South Shore
  • National floor
  • Christine Caron
  • Marie-Pierre Houde
  • Ginette Latulippe
  • Tina Modugno
  • Serge Da Costa
  • Daniel Turcotte
  • Nicole Ross
  • Sophie Gosselin
  • Véronique Houde
  • Vincent Panaye
  • Raymond Taylor
  • Daniel Chicoine
  • Gael Jouvante
  • Alain Pierre


  • Agro-Sustainability
  • Anthony Dimitrokalis
  • Bambara Selection
  • Cookies in Madness
  • Brodo
  • Cinderella Shoes
  • CoRena inc.
  • Eclipse AV Solutions
  • Éducason
  • Evoma
  • Yellow and red daycare
  • GourMais Popcorn
  • The Fairy Branch
  • The champagne pork
  • Louis Loudog Trottier
  • netFIBE inc.
  • Nouba Creative Daycare inc.
  • Patricia Georges
  • Scalaferro-Devonex inc.
  • Sylvie Côté – Company
  • E-learning vision
  • Agro-foodie
  • Importation Pluvia inc.
  • BBcolo xpress
  • Bouchra Faress
  • Block Childhood Early Childhood Center
  • International express parcel
  • Tadam creations
  • Eco Irrigation
  • Electro Doors Services inc.
  • Foundation crops to paratger
  • Sainte-Marie daycare
  • iDance
  • The Joujouthèque
  • The Happy Elves
  • Marie-Caroline Bergouignan
  • Eco-Steam Cleaning Inc.
  • Osmora inc.
  • Field Products Inc.
  • Simfusion
  • UNIDEV3 Sustainable Strategies enr.
  • André Carrière
  • Roofing Assistance
  • Betta & Co.
  • New Breed shop
  • Chronometriq
  • Concept she and him
  • Dr. Chef
  • Edge Dimension
  • Évolia home transition
  • Gamine & Co.
  • HJR Real Estate Management
  • immersions
  • Bio-Bob Foods Inc.
  • Longevity inc
  • Mekar Cosmetics
  • Norcan Aluminum
  • Pascale Langlois
  • Nomadic flavors
  • DATA structure
  • Green environment